DG is the goat milk for kids with its unique differentiation in term of product and benefits of “Quality Goat Milk from New Zealand”. However, it is rarely known among Thai unlike cow milk.

DG…DG…DG Dairy Goat, quality goat milk from New Zealand (lyric from the song in TVC) The brand approached kids with simple joyful and fun music, so that every kid could sing along and recall the brand, then reinforced mom for trial. This distinctive approach of brand name and offering repetition to kids and moms has created a market breakthrough for the brand in a cow-milk dominant market.

Communication materials as created and delivered by Far East Fame Line DDB PLC included TVC, radio spots, event and online content. Within three months after launching, online awareness reached 11.7 million (impression and reach), total view achieved as high as 9.5 million and total engagement was 618,217 (a sum of engagement, click, and page like).