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BBTV Channel 7

Strategic move of the leader in digital TV era

Thailand Broadcasting industry has shifted from analog to digital TV. This transformation has brought the numbers of media/entertainment providers up to 36 channels. The challenges are to forge the new channel 7’s number – Channel 35
in consumers’ minds, to gain recall whilst maintaining highest viewers’ ratings.

Idea :

Channel 7 offers the best selected programs for the happiness of all the Thais on Channel 35.

Solution :

Far East Fame Line DDB PLC proposed a 3-phase campaign that broke down into:
1. Speaking through its own number one super star and actress in Thailand “Aum Patcharapa” to reinforce an image of the number one channel and to convey the message “Channel 7 is now active on both analog on channel 7 and digital on channel 35”, delivering in the “Twins” creative concept.
2. Emphasizing Channel 7 key superiority as the number one “Entertaining / Quality content provider” with best selected contents and programs
3. Penetrating with a tactic of “Musical Play” among mass targets all over the nationwide media; TVC, OOH, Print, Radio and Social Network.

The campaign has been a success, with 7 million engagement from online community, and Channel 7HD was able to maintain its status as the number one most favourite channel in Thailand.