Ootoya Game Application was launched on both IOS and Android platforms to draw young groups of customers into Ootoya Restaurant, which serves authentic Japanese home-made style cooking meals. The distinctive appeal of Ootoya menu mainly derives from healthy and premium selection of materials and authentic ways of food preparation and cooking. To highlight this uniqueness, 4 user-friendly modules with cute character designs of raw-materials finding and food preparation games were created by Far East Fame Line DDB PLC. Game prizes were discount vouchers in order to draw these young players into the restaurants. These vouchers can be collected or transferred as gifts.



Within the first week, Ootoya Game ranked in the top 300th most downloaded games on IOS. The game was also effective in drawing customers into the restaurants. It yielded about 37.23% voucher redemption rate, and the sales increased sharply in the first year. The second version of the game was released soon after, and even proved to be more effective in increasing participation by 55% than the first version with more playing