BlueScope – Brand Building toward the leadership of Metal sheet Roofing market BlueScope is one of the World’s Metal sheet technology leader, with Manufacturing and exporting network expanding across the globe. During the product introduction in Thailand, the company’s “BlueScope Zacs” Brand campaign triggered a significant Metal sheet market expansion in the country. Meta sheet has become one of the most popular roofing material of choices. The company has successfully reinforced their product benefit of higher quality, high product standard and superior installation benefit comparing to the competing materials. The product, after campaign launched, has gain interest from Home builder and has become one of the most recommended proofing material among the expert roof installer nationwide.

During Product Growth period recently, BlueScope Zacs’ continuing campaign can successfully develop Home owners’ behavior and shift their selection role from low involvement to high involvement individual. Most potential home owner, instead of relying their home builder to select metalsheet for the project, can explicitly indicate  their intention to install BlueScope Zacs as their most preferred choice, proven their  trust toward BlueScope Zacs as a Top market player.

Results : Market Survey conducted in 2017 reveal that BlueScope Zacs is the Metalsheet material with highest brand awareness of 70% . The brand is highly trusted  both by Home Builder and Home Owner, proven by highest rate of brand recommen dation by Home builder and highest rate of next purchase intention among Home owner.

BlueScope Zacs also gain highest performance from all aspect of “Score toward influencing factor on buying decision” study, which especially reveal that the brand is the most reliable brand, possess the most reliable International Brand Image and deliver highest product standard.