Maxmo, a leading multi-purpose paper towel brand, aimed to expand its current users to include more of pet owners. Far East Fame Line DDB PLC designed an online CSR campaign to draw these pet owners using what they love most – their pets. The campaign idea centered on a key insight that all pet lovers love to post pictures of their pet. The campaign strategy therefore was for pet owners to simply post their pets’ paws onto Facebook with a hashtag #GiveMeAhand, then Maxmo would donate a role of paper towel to an orphanage or a nursing home for every picture posted for free.

Hashtag #GiveMeAhand has become a platform connecting the brand, the new user prospects, their pets, and CSR activities and it was quite a success. There were a total of 3,800 pictures posted with the hashtag, and the campaign earned about 2 million impressions.