Let’s Walk by Shokubutsu for Men application to promote “Sweat for Kids’ Belly Full” campaign was launched in 2012. Designed on IOS platform, the application allowed walkers to count and record daily walking or running steps. These steps would be counted and turned into donation as breakfast meals for underprivileged children. Every 3,500 step could be turned into one breakfast meal for all children at the World’s Vision Foundation. Additional tips and tools to increase a number of steps were also sent via notifications to attentive walkers. The daily record of number of steps and the number of donated meals could be shared on personal Facebook page to promote individual achievement and contribution to the meal counts, which indirectly increased campaign buzz.

Within one month, all the contributed steps were turned into more than 10,000 breakfast meals. The total count in 3 months reached 92 million steps equitable to 1.8 trips around the world trip. The total free publicity generated by this campaign via traditional media such as TV, newspaper, magazine as well as online media amounts to at least 8 million baht. The number of Shokubutsu For Men’s website visitors were doubled within one month. The campaign idea was also scalable to cover other activities annually such as running, and has now reached its five seasons.